Remembering Dad – 10 Years Later


It was 10 years ago, around this time of night, that ‘the call’ came from my sister letting me know our dad had died. He’s still so easy to remember, but 10 years is a long time. I always say that I remember my dad with a smile (and I do), but the loss never goes away. I think of the things we never got to share – Skype, YouTube, NH’s old man in the mountain crumbling, the Red Sox winning the Series, Zak driving, $1900/oz gold, Obama, our view from 41st floor – countless moments, personal and communal, that I would have loved to hear his enthusiastic take on.

Dad, you live on in me (and all of us who knew you plus some who didn’t) in lots of fun ways. Aside from hearing you in my own voice more and more, your five-letter word game has been a hit during class ‘play days’ for years and I’ve begun sharing some of your sayings as well. Benjie had been writing quite a bit during his last few years and (aside from odes to unicycles) this included maintaining a list of ‘Lebow Sayings’ – things he heard and/or made up that rang true with him for a variety of reasons. Some of them are pure LOL Benjie, some kinda profound.

So, 10 years on, here are my 10 Faves…

Miss you Dad.
33. If you want to have a happy life, have happy days.
9. If you don’t want a speeding ticket, don’t speed. (still makes me lol)
46. Not much is ever accomplished without enthusiastic dedication.
14. If you aren’t going to do something about it, then stop complaining.
17. Just because you heard it, doesn’t mean you understand it.
19. Let your actions do your bragging and not your mouth.
10. If you hate your job, get another one you like. If you still hate your job, start your own business.
28. Don’t buy it unless you love it. (suspect that one was inspired by the shoppers in the family)
32. If you want to save on long distance calls, don’t talk so long. (before the days of skype and nationwide minutes)
35. A lifetime is a long time looking ahead and a very short time looking back.

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